Auto Collision Repair White Rock & Abbotsford

A week after I bought my new (to me) truck,

I didn’t swing wide enough and hit another truck. The entire side of my truck was dented in. I was so incredibly upset about it and I had no idea where to go in order to fix it. I asked on here for a place to take my truck and Maximum Collision was recommended to me. Not only did they meet my time limit (which was amazing, it took less than a week), but they were also extremely professional and polite. I have never felt more comfortable in a mechanic’s shop before. He hires both men and women in his shop and I found it to be very comforting. They were all so kind and helpful to me when I was in a rough position and they made things work. Not only was I super impressed with their shop, but I am also very impressed with the work they’ve done. Their work is flawless. I highly recommend this place for all the auto body work you need.”

Rachel Zina Smith (Facebook Reviews, 2016)